Alcohol use and abuse

Alcohol use and abuse

-1) When writing the comparative analysis please follow:
–    When writing please use APA Changes 6th Edition ( level 1 and level 2 heading )

The practice section of the project involves a comparative analysis of criminal justice practices that are used to control the problem (Alcohol use and abuse) that you selected to investigate for your project. Sources for this section of the project must be about criminal justice practices such as policing or law enforcement as they relate to the selected problem.Empirical research studies should come from journals in the fields of criminal justice and criminology. The comparative aspect may be accomplished by doing one of the following:

-1) Standard Option 2: Examine domestic criminal justice practice from ONE branch of the
criminal justice system (i.e., law enforcement, adjudication, or corrections) and compare it with
international practice on the topic from the same branch of the criminal justice system; the
domestic and international practice-based analyses of the selected problem MUST be parallel
(e.g., all three articles about policing and the problem, all three articles about courts and the
problem, or all three articles about corrections and the problem).

–    o Requires 3 articles ( one article is given you have to find one domestic and one international article study of law enforcement and the topic alcohol use. ) ( if the article is not empirical then it can not be used and also the article has to be Criminal Justice related ,it can not be a sociology nor psychology
? 2 empirical research articles about domestic criminal justice practice from one
branch (e.g., police) of the criminal justice system and the selected problem

? 1 empirical research article about international criminal justice practice from the
same branch (e.g., police) as the examined in the domestic criminal justice system and your problem

-2) Find the articles post a pdf of it.
-3) Please be certain that the empirical articles that you select are on your specific topic and
that they involve some type of criminal justice practice used in our field to address your
particular problem. A trick to finding a suitable article is to look at the unit of analysis in the
article. The units of analysis in these articles should be criminal justice professionals, that is
police, law enforcement.

-4) Articles study have to be a some type of impact on the police officer or the agency.

– 5) The 2 articles have to be empirical in that it has to be;
– Observable
– Data Driven
– Have or Raise questions
– Sample Size
– Statistics
– Results
– Conclusions
–    Limitations

– 6) When done finding the articles then answer the following question for each article and elaborate to write the paper:
3. What was the general purpose of the study? What questions does it raise?
4. How does this study meet the requirements of the paper for this course?
5. Does the study use quantitative, qualitative, or mixed research methods? Explain or state
why it is quantitative, qualitative, or mixed. If qualitative or mixed. Do the authors directly
state that it is qualitative or mixed in the article itself?
6. Do the researchers examine the macro, micro, or multi-level of analysis? In other words,
what is the level of analysis of the study? Why is it that level of analysis?
7. What is the unit of analysis in the study? In other words, who or what was studied?
8. What was the sample size in this study? What data were recorded and used for
9. In sequential order, what were the major steps in performing the study?
10. What types of data analyses were used? Identify the specific types of data analysis used.
For example, quantitative studies use statistical analyses. Clearly identify the name of
the statistical test used by the researchers.
11. What were the results of the analyses?
12. What does the author(s) conclude based on the results of the analyses?
13. What cautions and limitations does the author(s) raise about interpreting the study? (Do
not create limitations; use the cautions and limits raised by the authors.)

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