Defend Andrew Jackson’s policy of Indian Removal.


In this assignment, you will be constructing a brief essay on one of the following “controversial” topics. These prompts are designed to provide you with a topic with a clear thesis. Your assignment is not to do a book report on the issue, but to support or attack one side. I am available for consultation if you find this process difficult.
Choose only ONE:

1) Defend Andrew Jackson’s policy of Indian Removal.

This Paper Needs To Be 100% from scratch and plagerism Free. Checklist for Basic Grading Criteria for General Education and (Lower Level) Written Assignments in History
Format and Submission
· – Is your paper formatted in the proper file format (MSWord .doc or docx or .rtf file)?
· – Does your paper include a separate cover page that includes assignment name, student name and student number, course name, professor name, style of citations you are using (Chicago/Turabian is history dept and instructor preferred, but APA/MLA are accepted), date and institution?
· -Is your paper formatted with one inch margins and using New Times Roman 11 or 12 point font?
· -Is your file submitted using last name first name course and assignment? Example: SmithWilliamHIST101ShortPaper2.
Introduction and Thesis Statement
D -Did your essay include an introduction and clear thesis statement at the end of the introduction?
Organization and Body of essay
· Is your essay well-organized with topic sentences and supporting detail that reinforces your thesis?
· Did your essay meet narrative word count requirements? Narrative word count is word count without citation and bibliography.
· Word count requirement= 1000 words. A word count of -100 or more is an automatic 10 point deduction. Citations are not considered when assessing word count.
Historical Analysis
· Did you construct your essay using quality academic sources (specifically book or peer-reviewed sources from our Online Library or other university, governmental, museum, or research websites)? Your paper must utilize a minimum of two primary/secondary sources. Note that the new rubric penalizes the use of your textbook and encyclopedia-type websites heavily. Do not use the textbook as a source or list it in the bibliography.
· Did you include relevant historical support, including historical examples that reinforce your thesis?
· Did you include chronological context in your essay and include important dates or date spans?
Writing Style and Grammar
· Is your essay composed using formal English (no use of slang) and using proper capitalization, grammar and spelling rules?
· Is your essay presented in academic third person (does not use “I”)?
· Did you refrain from using abbreviations and contractions in your analysis (use “do not” instead of “don’t”)?

Use of Citation and Bibliography
· Did you consistently follow the citation and bibliographical requirements of one style manual (Chicago or Turabian, MLA, or APA) and list that style on your title page? If you are familiar with a style, please use that style consistently throughout your essay. Do not switch between styles. History majors are strongly encouraged to use Chicago or Turabian citation as this is a requirement in upper-level courses.
· Did you cite your sources in the narrative of your essay using parenthetical citation or computer-generated footnote/endnote numbering? Remember citation takes place immediately after each use of direct quote and after paraphrasing of information.
· Did you include a separate bibliography with your essay?
· Is the bibliography alphabetized and includes all relevant information depending on source type? Remember accessed date for online sources.
The short paper must include a cover page with your name, course number and course title, instructor’s name, writing style you are us

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