What brain functions and neuroscience most interest you and why?

In your initial post, discuss a potential career path that interests you in an area of neuroscience and share your answers to the following questions with your classmates: It was an interesting visit to the posted link for careers.  Many of the careers were postdoctoral.  I do not plan on attaining a PhD, nonetheless, I will do my best in this discussion.  Assistant/Associate Professor in Behavioral Science would be a career that I would have the greatest interest.      Why does this career path or position interest you? Based upon the advertisement for an open position, I would have interest because the behavioral developmental aspect of the research based upon learning, memory and addiction.  Although this career is one in academics, which I am not aspired to do, however, I find addiction and learning development intriguing.  What brain functions and neuroscience most interest you and why? Select one or more from the following list: The two most interesting topics/theories for me would be the following: Neurobiological theories that explain dysfunctions in vision, language, memory, emotion, and behavior networks- Receptor and neurotransmitter theory in relation to behavior- In regards to brain function and neuroscience as an interest for this discussion, it is ironic that I chose the Assistant Professor position, as this position is directly related to this theory.  It is an academic profession, but, the study of behavior and why persons exhibit those behaviors is an interesting topic.  Typically within this field, one can study, teach, and research behaviors with psychosis, delusion, and panic.  There are also theories in Autism, depression, and so many others.  I have always found these behavioral studies, theories, and treatment of them to grasp my attention.  How our brains transmit and receive information, or misfire, if you will, can be puzzling, interesting and a great research and developmental educational part of work.  I find that when I learn, I grow.  Neurological behaviors are a broad topic, and are not minimized in topic like Alzheimer’s or ADD.  What I have seen or read about most frequently with the dysfunctions in behavior is that neurotransmitters either, misfire, do not fire at all, or deplete.  Determining what causes the misfiring, depletion, or redirecting the receptors and transmitters, either by way of medication, natural therapies, or other solutions can be rewarding, both in research, and teaching the solutions. Through one article that I researched on Major Depressive Order, one of the theories within one of my choices related to emotions, it stated, “MDD  frequently  remains undetected  and untreated in  the  child  and adolescent  population.  Current  neurobiological theories  include  dysfunction  of  neuroendo-crine  regulation  and  secretion  processes  as  well  as  depletion  of  neurotransmitters  such  as serotonin. There is evidence of a strong genetic link in MDD  Specifically, Beck’s cognitive model of depression describes the cyclical process of an individual’s auto-matic negative thoughts leading to negative feelings and depressed behavior Additionally, neuroimaging studies point to abnormalities in the left prefrontal and frontal  cortices,  portions  of  the  temporal  lobes,  the  amygdala,  and  the  cingulate  gyrus.”(Favre, 2009.p.87)  Genetics are also very interesting for me, but that is another topic.  What academic training is required? Based upon the first choice in a career that I chose above as an Assistant Professor, it is listed that a doctorate is necessary. In research academic training can vary, depending on the positions.  A Scientist will need doctorate as well, however, when working within a lab, a Bachelor would be sufficient. Are there additional requirements (clinical practicum, research background)? The Assistant Professor position does indicate preference with research.  It was necessary for me to look up practicum because I have always heard the term internship, but, not practicum.  I discovered that clinical practicum is more observance, but sometimes limited hands on with supervision is performed as well.  What types of employment opportunities are available in this area? The first portion of this response was indicated within my answer in a field that is of interest, and is labeled as an Assistant Professor.  The second employment opportunity in receptor and neurotransmission could be one of scientist/research.

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