Choose ONE Australian ambulance service’s adult cardiac arrest clinical practice guideline and ONE element of resuscitation and discuss the above statement.

“Australian ambulance services adult cardiac arrest clinical practice guidelines are created according to best practice using credible evidence”

– Choose ONE Australian ambulance service’s adult cardiac arrest clinical practice guideline and ONE element of resuscitation and discuss the above statement.
I choose the Ambulance Victoria services and you can choose one of any element of resuscitation.
This is my essay topic: “Ambulance Victoria services adult cardiac arrest clinical practice guidelines are created according to best practice using credible evidence”.
If you want to do paraphrases of this essay topic that’s ok.

As many students are applying to you, please make sure that my essay paper has no plagiarism by same ideas or structures.

I added some or articles which are provided by the coordinator of the topic, and absolutely they are useful. Also, you must add more journal articles by you.

All referencing for this assignment will utilise the Author-Date (Harvard) System.
YOU MUST use in text reference and reference list.

Assignment Details
The ability to communicate your knowledge in oral and written formats is a core academic skill set you should acquire whilst at University.
Paramedicine is a dynamic occupation within the medical profession. With ongoing advancements in research and technology, the scope of paramedic practice is ever changing. Consequently, as an individual working towards making this your career, it is crucial that you are able to seek out information relevant to your future skills set and understand the principles and theories that underpin your practice. It is intended that this assignment will help facilitate your learning of current practice and provide you with reference points for you to utilise throughout your career. Hopefully it may inspire and encourage you to eventually take an active role in helping to define clinical practice guidelines or protocols in your future careers.

Learning Outcomes
Successful completion of this assignment will allow you to;
• become competent at searching relevant information sources including biomedical literature.
• review the evidence-base that guides the clinical adoption of technological developments or changes in patient management.
• develop balanced and well supported viewpoints relevant to the treatment of clinical conditions.
• broaden your understanding of paramedic practice.

Assignment Requirements
You are required to produce a comprehensive and succinct academic essay, of no more than 1500 words, addressing the topic outlined below:

• Assignment Structure
You should start by selecting an Australian ambulance service and examining the adult cardio / cardiorespiratory arrest clinical practice guideline. You then need to select one element of the resuscitation guideline, eg. compressions, defibrillation, ventilation, medications, fluid therapy etc. After introducing your topic and focus you can then begin to build your essay.
The body of your essay should progress through a discussion of your chosen element of resuscitation and its components as it relates to the guideline, eg. compressions – rate, depth, ratios, interruptions, hand placement etc. These should be evidenced by current research, from journal articles and medical literature. Each component should be clearly set out in paragraphs and titled with headings.
Finally, you should conclude your essay with a summary of your findings and make a recommendation in relation to how well the CPG is backed with credible evidence.
• Literature Search
Journal articles will provide you with the most reliable evidence-base related to resuscitation. To find the journal articles you need, please use the search methods outlined in lecture 2, by Craig Brittan from Sturt Library.
Presentation of work:
• Use A4 size document.
• Assignments should be 1.5 line spaced and in 11 point typeface (Arial).
• Make sure that all pages are numbered and in their correct order.
• Quotations/Referencing – as stated above.
• Generalisations (such as ‘many’, ‘some’, ‘all’) should be referenced.
• Use gender neutral language when appropriate.
• Write in the third person (do not use I, you, we).
• You MUST include a copy of the marking rubric (found at the bottom of this document) to the bottom of your essay.
• Your essay MUST NOT be more than 1500 words.
• Your essay MUST have a cover page which includes your full name, FAN, student ID number and the title of your essay.
• Make sure you keep a personal copy of all assignments submitted. In the event of loss of assignment, it is your responsibility to supply a replacement copy……………………

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