COM 335 Spring 2015 Assignment 2: Writing the Feature Article

COM 335 Spring 2015 Assignment 2: Writing the Feature Article

ASSIGNMENT: Write a 1000-2500 word feature article, Times New Roman 10’’ font . Make sure the article focuses on a CHARACTER and a THEME and includes the following:
Title & Headline
??The headline performs two important functions. An effective headline:?o Grabs the reader’s attention and persuades them to read the article o Highlights the main idea of the article.?o Includes keywords (for online articles).
??The first paragraph outlines the subject or theme of the article, it may also: o Provoke the reader’s interest by making an unusual statement.?o Provide any necessary background information.?o Invite the reader to take sides by making a controversial statement. o Heighten the drama of an event or incident to intensify its appeal. o Establish the writer’s tone
o Create a relationship between the writer and the reader. Details (The Main Article)
??The middle section consists of a number of paragraphs that expand the main topic of the article into subtopics. The usual components are:
o Subheadings.?o Facts and statistics which support the writer’s opinion. o Personal viewpoints.?o Opinions from authorities and experts.?o Quotes and interviews.?o Anecdotes and stories.?o Specific names, places and dates.?o Photographs, tables, diagrams and graphs.
??The concluding paragraph should leave a lasting impression by: o Reminding the reader of the article’s main idea?o Suggesting an appropriate course of action.?o Encouraging a change of attitude or opinion.

•    Hani Muntaser born 1959
•    Lived in Palestine
•    The oldest child out of 4 boys and one girl
•    Came from a middle class family
•    His father worked 2 jobs to help support the family
•    Had a good life until the wars
•    Lived through 3 different wars
•    1967 Six day war, The black September war, and Yom Kippur war
•    At 8 years old the Israel army kicked his family out of their home
•    They walked 3 days looking for somewhere to live
•    “I remember when we are walking late at night it was dark and I tripped over many dead bodies.”
•    They had to walk through the hills to avoid the war
•    They had no idea where to live so they found refuge in Jordan living in tents
•    They had to sleep on the ground did not have clean water or knew where their food was coming from
•    “The living conditions were terrible but we didn’t have a choice.”
•    They lived there for three years after 3 years his mom figured it was okay to move back to their home
•    At the age of 17 he had gotten married he lived with his parents so he could save up his money
•    Worked 2 jobs one in a restaurant and the other in a hotel both in Israel
•    Was working over 17 hours a day sometimes he had to sleep at the hotel because he did not have the time to return home
•     his shifts were from 7 am- 12 am 6 days a week
•    At the age of 20 he had 2 kids and decided to move to America to live the American dream and have a better life for his family
•    He moved to New York in 1980 with only 4,000 dollars.
•    Was living in a small one bed room apartment
•    The third day he came to America he found a job in a grocery market as a stock boy, delivery and butcher was getting paid $85 a week
•    After saving up all his money from working this job he made enough to open up his own grocery market
•    He was working from 4 am- 12 am for 7 days a week and was working these hours for 6 years so he can make a living for his family
•    Eventually had 6 children living in the small apartment
•    Decided to sell the store and look for new business due to the high hours
•    His cousin in Cleveland Ohio told him he should move to the area because there was a good opportunity to be successful
•    So he moved his family to a home in North Olmsted
•    He opened up a small grocery store in east Cleveland after a few years he was sick of the problems it brought to him as he had been robbed, the low income, fights
•    At this time he had 10 kids
•    He decided to chose a different type of store no one in Cleveland had done before which was hair and beauty
•    He started to become very successful in this business
•    “everything I do is for my kids, my hard work was so my family can be happy”
•    with hard work he become what the man he is today as he did it by himself and never got help from anyone
•    he eventually opened 3 more stores due to the success from the first
•    “I love the United States it gave me the opportunity I needed for me to come from nowhere to be the man I am today.  I am living the American dream.”
•    He had no formal education and was all self taught to become a successful business man

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