Compare the information registered with telescopes and RS-images. What is different and what do they have in common

intro to astronomy—-db6—-at least 250 words

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Current Events Conversations” are slightly less formal than your Group Debates. Students still need to use proper grammar and writing techniques. Responses should be complete, well thought out, and presented in a logical manner.
A minimum of one paragraph is required for this initial posting.
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Read 3 chapters below and give your reflection: 1. What is most attractive in this RS technology, what is new for you, and how can it be useful? 2. Compare the information registered with telescopes and RS-images. What is different and what do they have in common ? 3. What parameters is more important, spectral resolution, spatial resolution , or something else ? 4. If you try applying your cell-phone as a RS-device, what parameters is needed to add or/and improve to take a scientific picture of the Moon, planets, stars, or just of Earth’s environmental objects? 5. Based on learned material of RS methods used for registration different kind of information, draft briefly own research plan in few sentences what you would like to investigate using RS methods and devices, including your high resolution camera, infra-red sensors and sensors in different spectral diapasons, private aircraft, Aqua-lung, telescopes in mountain, and so on. Your subject of investigation may include and not limited by wildlife, ecology, cosmos, planets, criminology, medicine

Topic of Conversation:


1.How did it start?

A SYNOPTIC VIEW OF THE ENVIRONMENT. Remote sensing has been an important part of space activities right from the beginning. The first earth observation image was sent by a meteorological satellite on April 1st, 1960. The first civilian remote sensing satellite (ERTS1, better known as Landsat1) was launched in 1972.Today, a large array of sensors is available allowing the user to choose the best images for his application. In this short overview, we will focus on three aspects: multitemporal capabilities, multispectral processing and spatial resolution.

You also can find here the list of worldwide known Space Agencies where you may collaborate in future if choose this field for your profession. You can also find here the courses of Remote Sensing to enrol in. I collaborated more than 10 years in one of listed here agencies and today am going to introduce you to this very interesting field of aerospace informational technology.

2. How does it work?

You learned about spectral information of stars, planets, and the Sun. Spectral information of space objects is their identification parameters just like the biometric characteristics in your passport . In Remote Sensing, there are more widened list of this kind of characteristics, including the combinations of different spectral lines showing not only the presence of separate elements on planets and their atmosphere and/or as well as star substances, but also indicating the plants’, soil’s , and water’s condition of Earth ecosystems, thereby giving us a very informative tool for environmental monitoring and research of natural resources .


Would you like to know about RS?

More about planets via
their multispectral images!!!
With multispectral
images researchers

reveal origin and
evolution of Mercury.



This is a mosaic of images collected by


as it departed Mercury on October 6, 2008.

The Wide Angle Camera on MESSENGER

imaged the surface through 11 color filters

ranging in wavelength from 430 to 1020 nm.

Look, what does this spectrum
want to talk about?!
Hyperspectral image and
information of planet and Earth



Rumours fly that gravitational waves have been detected

Best of Last Week – Two mysterious bursts from space, new developments with batteries and fingertip reader for the blind

Two mysterious bursts from space, new developments with batteries and fingertip reader for the blind

This map of the northern sky shows cosmic ray concentrations, with a “hotspot” with a disproportionate number of cosmic rays shown as the bright red and yellow spot, upper right. An international team of physicists using the University of Utah-operated Telescope Array near Delta, Utah, say their discovery of the hotspot should narrow the search for the mysterious source or sources of ultrahigh-energy cosmic rays, which carry more energy than any other known particle in the universe. Credit: Kazumasa Kawata, University of Tokyo Institute for Cosmic Ray Research.

Rumours fly that gravitational waves have been detected

This detailed map of the cosmic microwave background is created from seven years worth of data. The color variations correspond to temperature variations in the young universe: the seeds for stars and galaxies observed today. Credit: NASA

The South Pole Telescope (left) and BICEP (right). Credit: Dana Hrubes

Read more at:

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