Identify four potential interdisciplinary team members in the healthcare system that would be included in your project team.

Current and emerging technologies in healthcare provide nurses with the opportunity to improve patient outcomes through ever-increasing access to data and evidence. Decisions made at the point of care and the organizational level are impacted by information support systems. Nurses prepared at the master’s level fill a key role in leading unit and organizational change that incorporates these emerging technologies into the improvement of patient safety and quality of care.

This project consists of evaluating two key roles commonly expected of the master’s-prepared nurse: (1) shaping and guiding a group process as the identified leader of a project team and (2) evaluating the project team’s products and synthesizing that work into a presentation to facility leadership for determination of the proper course of action.

The project outcome will be a presentation, designed to be delivered to the executive leadership team of the healthcare system.


You work as a case manager for a rural healthcare system. You have been asked by the patient safety manager to lead a project team designed to follow up on a root cause analysis (RCA) that investigated how the FDA warning issued on a commonly used medication was not passed through the channels at the medical center. This project team will be in charge of using the capabilities of the healthcare system’s electronic medical record to devise a system to identify the patients in the health system who are both prescribed the medication and have the associated risk factors present as part of the warning. The system must be able to track the subsequent notification of these patients and must also document the remedy to the safety alert.

Note: When selecting your commonly used medication, you may choose a recently recalled drug from the FDA’s “Recalls, Market Withdrawals, and Safety Alerts” or another recalled drug relevant to your current practice setting.

Your team is expected to create a plan for dissemination of this information to the rural population served by your healthcare system. The patient safety manager also wants the healthcare system to have an easier, faster way to notify patients when these warnings are released.

Project Requirements:

Note: Any information that would be considered confidential, proprietary, or personal in nature should not be included. Do not include the actual names of people, stakeholders, or other personally identifiable information. Fictional names should be used. Also, agency-specific data, including any financial information, should not be included but should be addressed in a general fashion as appropriate.

Create a multimedia presentation (e.g., PowerPoint, Keynote) (suggested length of 20–25 slides) in which you do the following:

Note: Include presenter notes for slides as appropriate in order to fully cover the level of explanation, analysis, and discussion necessary.

A.  Identify a patient safety warning of a recently recalled drug or another recalled drug relevant to your current practice setting.

1.  Discuss the background and circumstances of the patient safety warning.


B.  Identify four potential interdisciplinary team members in the healthcare system that would be included in your project team.

1.  Explain each team member’s role in the project, including why this team member’s expertise is necessary for the success of this project.

2.  Discuss whether the team members would serve in a primary team function (with assigned areas of responsibility) or in a consultative role (providing advice and guidance as subject-matter experts).


C.  Create a proposal that analyzes two approaches that use information technology to gather and track the required information for your chosen patient safety warning.

1.  Discuss two advantages of each approach.

2.  Discuss two disadvantages of each approach.


Note: Include factors addressing human and capital resources.


3.  Discuss how patient confidentiality would be maintained for each approach.

4.  Recommend one of these approaches to the executive leadership team at your facility.

a.  Justify your recommended approach.


D.  Develop a plan for disseminating an educational item (e.g., handout, brochure, poster, website template) to the patient population served by the healthcare system.

1.  Discuss the effectiveness of your plan.


E.  Recommend an electronic notification system that would ensure patients receive key patient safety warnings in a timely manner.

1.  Explain why you chose your recommended electronic notification system.

2.  Discuss how patient confidentiality would be maintained.


F.  When you use sources, include all in-text citations and references in APA format.

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