Industrial Hygiene and toxicology

Industrial Hygiene and toxicology

Group Assignment 2

You have been asked to identify health hazards and potential hazards for the following scenario. As a group discuss, research, develop and report on the areas listed. You will be responsible for turning in a group paper at least 6 pages, double spaced using APA formatting. Please list on the top of the paper the group members that activity participated and have earned credit for the project. If a group member did not participate Do Not list them for credit. Your group will also be presenting your findings in a 10-15 min presentation. Please take turns during the presentation. You may use YouTube to briefly (1-2 minutes maximum) show your industry. Assume that health hazards exist and that employees are overexposed. This assignment is worth 50 points per student.


You and your team have been hired by the company CEO to identify both existing and potential health hazards for his Boat Building Company. He wants you to fix the problems and perform training for his employees. Employees are complaining of headaches, asthma, back pain, dermatitis, eye irritation and ringing in their ears. The plant runs two shifts per day. The lamination department is experiencing the most injuries and illnesses. There is a variety of machines and chemicals used.  The CEO has told you he does not want to spend a lot money fixing stuff. He thinks his employees may be faking it to get off work. There is a high turnover rate and high rate of absenteeism.

The process:
Fiberglass is used to build boats. It is a strong and light material. Molds are made specific to the type and size boat that is to be made. Once the mold is completed employees apply Fiberglass and Resin (casting) with a spray gun.  Employees may also use small rollers to make sure every part of the boat is covered with the fiberglass/resin mixture. The fiberglass will harden and another material is applied to reinforce and the fiberglass resin layer. During this process employees are exposed to fiberglass, benzene and styrene.   Employees must also sand and polish boats until the surface is smooth for a perfect finish.

The following questions must ALL be answered in your written report.
1.    What health  hazards may be present from working with boat manufacturing products?

2.    What types of issues should you be concerned with regarding tools and equipment?

3.    What are the  PEL’s, TLVs  and/or NIOSH REL for the health hazards identified?

4.    Please describe the OSHA medical monitoring program for Benzene. What biomarkers are used to determine exposure?

5.    What types of controls should be in place to control dust and noise?

6.    What personal protective equipment should employees be using during the boat building process?

7.    You must interview both employees and management to gain important information and insight. What types of questions will you ask? Please list.

8.    Determine what industrial hygiene equipment (example: photoionization detector/Anderson sampler/combustible gas detector) you need to perform industrial hygiene sampling for air and noise contaminants.

9.    Are there any safety hazards in this industry? If so, please list

10.    Based on your findings, what type of controls should be used? (Engineering, Administrative, PPE). Please describe.

For your class presentation please discuss the items listed below. All group members must participate in the presentation.
1.    Describe your industry.

2.    Discuss the health and safety hazard your team identified.

3.    Discuss any PEL/TLVs’ as appropriate.

4.    What recommendations did you make for exposures and controls?

5.    You have been asked to develop a training program to help employees understand the health hazards present in their workplace. Please develop a short program (PowerPoint) to present.

6.    What information will you present to the CEO to help him understand the seriousness of the problem and the benefits of reducing exposures?

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