Jurlique: Globalizing Beauty from Nature and Science

Jurlique: Globalizing Beauty from Nature and Science

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– less than 5 internet sources

– The length of your paper should be 2,500-3,000 words. This does not include references and appendices; that is, the body of paper should be between 2,500 and 3,000 words.

“Jurlique:  Globalizing Beauty from Nature and Science”
Harvard Business School Case Number 9-314-087, March 24, 2014

This assessment exercise is designed to facilitate the following three Student Learning Outcomes.  The marking criteria are developed in the context of these outcomes.
SLO2: Analyse complex business situations using appropriate theories and techniques.
SLO4: Generate solutions to problems in contemporary organisations.
SLO6: Communicate complex business ideas.


The length of your paper should be 2,500-3,000 words. This does not include references and appendices; that is, the body of your paper should be between 2,500 and 3,000 words.

Weighting:  This assessment counts for 45% of your final mark in this subject.

Type of Collaboration:  Individual Assessment

Marking Criteria:
1.    The ability to consider multiple perspectives and explain how they are relevant to this case (10% of total mark);
2.    The use of theoretical and conceptual arguments to support and critique aspects of the case (20% of total mark);
3.    The ability to make credible decision-relevant conclusions backed by argument and relevant information (35% of total mark);
4.    The logical and argumentative quality of the essay (15% of total mark); and,
5.    The linguistic quality of the essay (e.g., grammar and style) (20% of total mark).

Style and Format:

This assessment is to be written as an academic essay focused on a case study.  If you need guidance on how to write academic, case-based essays, there are plenty of guidelines available on the web.  The style and format are to be consistent with the requirements of both the Sydney Business School and conventional protocols of graduate-level case analysis. Please read these requirements carefully in the handbook provided to you. The font size should be 12, lines should be double-spaced, all pages should be numbered at the bottom right of the page, and printing should be double-sided (that is, print on the front and back of the page).

Assessment Submission:

The case is to be submitted to the lecturer in hard-copy format at the BEGINNING of the lecture in Week 10 (Tuesday of that week for the Sydney section and Friday of that week for the Wollongong section). Please note that this is one week later than the due date that was originally indicated on the subject outline.  The change is due to the fact that we will not meet class during Week 9. As with all submissions, a Turnitin report should accompany your paper.

Assessment Return:
Assessments will be returned at the beginning of the lecture in Week 11.

Your essay should include three sections: (1) an introduction; (2) the body of your paper comprised of your responses to the items listed below; and, (3) a conclusion.

The body of your paper should be comprised of your writing about each of the following six items.  You must provide reasoned arguments to support your writing.

1.    What do you see as the four major challenges that Jurlique faces as it moves forward as a global business?  Give reasons why you see each of these as a major challenge.
2.    There is much written in the case about the history of Jurlique as a company.  Discuss the two most important aspects of Jurlique’s history as they are relevant to the challenges that Jurlique faces now.
3.    Jurlique seems to face challenges associated with different consumer preferences in different countries.  What are those differences?  How would you suggest that Jurlique manage those differences?
4.    Global business challenges sometimes arise from differences in the laws in different countries.  Jurlique faces these differences in both Japan and in China.  Explain what these differences are.  How would you suggest that Jurlique manage these differences?
5.    Jurlique had numerous ownership and management changes throughout its recent history.  Discuss the problems that gave rise to these ownership changes.  How did ownership and management changes contribute to the challenges that you identified in your answer to question 1?
6.    Develop a brief business strategy for Jurlique as it moves forward.  Discuss how Jurlique should “brand” its products (e.g., “green, organic, cosmetic, high-priced, mid-priced, or low-priced” etc).  What global markets should Jurlique focus on?  Should these be national markets or city-based markets?  Do you think that Jurlique should be developing African markets?  What sort of social responsibilities challenge Jurlique going forward and how should Jurlique respond to those challenges.
Remember:  In addition to writing about these six items, you need an introduction and a conclusion.

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