List seven ways to reduce waste and pollution. Describe the most ecological approaches to dealing with refillable containers and grocery bags.

Expanded Deffinitions 16 questions

Need done by tomorrow morning 6am est. You answer each question by following what the red writing says. To get a complete guidelines on this assignment as well as hints to answering these questions see the attached paper. These are SHORT answer questions please do not answer each in more than 100 words. As long as the main point is conveyed its done.

Chapter 8: Water Resources and Water Pollution

Key Questions

Question 1

What is Ground water and briefly describe measures that can be taken to conserve water in the Mojave, via reduce water losses through irrigation, industry, and home use; What is one significant change you can make to conserve water? What is the Adjudication; what is the role of the Mojave Water Agency. What would be the impact of increasing the cost of water on water use?

Question 2

Describe ways to mitigate flood risks on the Mojave River ?

What inherent risks are present in those approaches to flood control?

Discuss the effect of building dams on the Colorado River watershed

Question 3

Summarize the Chromium 6/Erin Brockowitch story;

Describe the Nitrates pollution in the Barstow area and what is being done to mitigate these issues.

Where does arsenic pollution in Ground Water originate and what is the local situation.

Describe the treatment of Sewerage and the Sustainable practices at VVWRA

Chapter 9

Nonrenewable Energy Sources

Key Questions

Question 1

Describe how renewable energy resources are able to compete in the US./California market because of financial and political support from the government. Describe why “wind’ energy has a higher net energy than Solar cells.

Question 2

Describe the issues associated with Fracking and coal mining.

Describe how our local Limestone mines are/are not sustainable.

Question 3

What are important considerations in predicting the future of nuclear power

How do we dispose of nuclear waste

Chapter 10

Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

Key Questions

Questions 1

Describe Cogeneration technology and its use locally; The advantages and disadvantages of a Smart Grid; The use of “alternative” Fuel vehicles.

What is Green Building/Architecture

Questions 2

What are the arguments for and against installing “industrial Scale” solar and wind farms in the Mojave?

What are the positive and negative impacts of corn-derived ethanol in the USA ?

Questions 3

Analyze the interactions of economic policy and energy resources. In particular, consider the results of using free-market competition, keeping energy prices low, and keeping energy prices high.

Chapter 11

Environmental Hazards and Human Health

Key Questions

Question 1

Define risk, probability, and risk assessment. List five general types of common hazards and give two examples of each.

Transmissible diseases can be spread from one person to another. List two factors that contribute to the spread of infectious diseases.

The global HIV/AIDS pandemic has caused significant death around the world, especially in Sub-Saharan Africa. List three impacts of the AIDS epidemic on communities in Sub-Saharan Africa.

List three approaches to preventing malaria.

Question 2

Define mutagen, teratogen, and carcinogen. Summarize current research implying chemical effects on the immune, nervous, and endocrine systems.

Define a dose-response curve. Distinguish between a linear dose-response model and a threshold dose-response model. Describe the difficulty in deciding which model applies best when low doses are involved. Assess the limits of toxicological research.

Summarize key questions to be answered in risk-benefit analysis,

Chapter 12

Air Pollution, Climate Change, and Ozone Depletion

Key Questions

Question 1

Briefly describe the EPA’s outdoor air pollution control strategies. Describe in detail the 1990 strategy

to reduce sulfur dioxide emissions. Describe the mandate and work of the of the Mojave Desert

Air Quality Management District. List five policies that would strengthen the Clean Air Act.

Question 2

Summarize scientific consensus about future global warming. List 10 uncertainties of global

climate models.

Summarize the projections of possible effects of global warming on food production, water

supplies, forests, biodiversity, sea levels, weather, and human health.

Name and briefly describe two basic approaches to potential global warming. Describe three ways

to slow global warming. List three ways to adapt to global warming.

Question 3

Summarize and assess the controversy over formation of the ozone hole.

Describe the tactics that led to a reduction in this problem Explain the causes and potential effects

of stratospheric ozone changes. Propose three ways for slowing these changes.

Chapter 13

Urbanization and Solid and Hazardous Waste

Summary and Objectives

Question 1

Describe the advantages and disadvantages of urbanization;

Weigh the trade-offs in reducing automobile use in favor of alternative transportation methods.

Give an example of an ecocity and describe how they work.

Question 2

List seven ways to reduce waste and pollution. Describe the most ecological approaches to dealing with refillable containers and grocery bags.

Define sanitary landfill. Describe three problems associated with landfills. Evaluate sanitary landfills as an approach to dealing with solid waste.

Describe your personal committmnet to the thre R”S reduce, recycling, reuse.

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