Nature Writing

Nature Writing

Try to capture the essence of your experience and link it to an environmental issue, problem, solution, or question. Include one statistical fact and give it a metaphorical expression. It can be in a park, supermarket, public area, etc.

Nature readers are more keen than others individuals. They notice things in plain sight yet so often ignored. This attribute sets these individuals aside into a world of their own. As I sit there, there is a warm breeze blowing by. The breeze causes the ruffling of leaves causing the shedding of the already dried out ones. I can see the horizon, it seems to join the earth and the beauty of this union is simply magnificent. The now forming sunset seems to gesture a song rather than sing it, however, it is a beautiful sight to behold. I can hear the singing of birds and the chirping of insects. The effect of this music is enticing to the soul and refreshing to the mind. I pick up the distant sound of rushing waters from a nearby river and the smell of earth so aromatic unites me with nature and I become part of it. Lying down, my drowsy eyes stare at the leaves sway back and forth. My senses are more awake than ever, my eyes seem to notice things I never really paid attention to, small leaves, big leaves, thin and thick branches, beautiful patterns on the tree bark they I drift away, seeing nothing. I desire to smell the nectar of flowers, the scent of rain, the sap and even the rotten trees.
It’s now that I notice present and past events entwining in a subconscious world. It seems like there is a whole other world as I people pass by trampling insects under their feet. I notice several holes on the ground and imagine that these are homes to some insect or small animals. The ants seem as busy with their chore as they travel on in single profile. I am especially moved by the sight of a fly trapped in a spider’s web as the spider tries to devour it, and as it struggles unsuccessfully to free itself. My sense of touch is aroused by the insects navigating around my legs while others divert upon approaching me. I get the feeling that if they could speak, they would yell at me, “Get out of the way, we are on a tight schedule!” unfortunately, as tiny as they are, their voices are even tinnier.
The soil is wet from the previous night’s showers but when it brushes across my skin it feels smooth and tender. I mesmerize at its role in the yielding of the beautiful green plants and wonder how it does it. Now, I begin to feel the earth spinning, it’s slightly frightening though highly scientific. My lips curve into a smile as I watch the weaverbirds jump from one nest to the next, distant in their lives, happy in their melodies. I begin to reflect on my earlier walk across the river, and to the ditched cliff that had resulted from erosion. The shrubs on it are a wonder to behold. From the cliff, I behold the river that seems like a dirt patch meandering like a snake or a ribbon in the wind. The large trees cause its disappearance from time to time, but it manages to reappear past them, and goes on its way. Taking a deep breathe, I feel reborn, free, and peaceful. It is like just being outdoors away from the busy routines and noisy streets is enough for a worth filled life.
The essence of my experience narrows down to the environmental concern the diminishing natural resources such as trees and even rivers. Statistics have confirmed that the total tree population a century ago was 78% while today it’s at 34%. The greatest contributor to the endangered trees is modernization which resulted in trees which are homes to animals like birds and squirrels being chopped down for wood and to create room for infrastructure. Trees have also been termed air purifiers and have been seen to attract rain. The loss of these trees is among the leading cause of a broken o-zone layer that has subjected thousands of people to skin cancer. Minimum rain has resulted in dried up rivers and the creation of deserts. Being able to experience the beauty of nature then evaluating facts that this nature is at the verge of extinction is a heart sinking experience. My greatest wish is that everybody could accord 10 minutes of their scheduled to experience the beauty of nature first hand. This is my idea of the most essential milestone towards conserving the environment as it gives purpose and a reason worth fighting for. The next time you walk by a park, stop and inhale the clean smooth air, and let that be reason enough to support the environment conservation exercises. Let’s save our environment, lets preserve out future.

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