Samuel Robert Cassius and SCM

Samuel Robert Cassius and SCM

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Use primary resource: “To Save My Race From Abuse: The Life Of Samuel Robert Cassius”

Answer the question: How did/in what ways did Cassius help the SCM during the 1880’s- primarily in Indiana (Brazil, Indiana/MidWest)

Write a five- to eight-page research paper that answers a question of interest to you. You should provide your tentative research question to me during class on

February 27, 2014. This allows everyone to hear my comments and expectations about research questions and advice for narrowing topics. You must form your research

project into a question, and your paper must answer that question with a concise and persuasive answer (i.e., an argument). The paper must introduce the research

question and the thesis at the start and provide a brief overview of how the paper will flow. Then the body of the paper must make the argument (i.e., answer the

question) by using pertinent primary and secondary sources, though the answer must come from the primary sources; use secondary sources to supplement and guide your

analysis of primary sources. Your goal is to ask a question that can be answered by a careful reading of primary sources. See Appendix 5 for my grading rubric and

Appendices 1 and 2 for writing and formatting guidelines.

The paper must include certain resources in the bibliography and citations throughout the paper. You must have at least two ESCM articles, the Global History, at least

two other good secondary sources (history books, journal articles, etc.), and at least two primary sources. The key goal for sources is careful examination of primary

sources from which you construct your argument/answer. Use the reference system (MLA, Chicago, etc.) you are most familiar with and be consistent.

1. Research question and answer: construction and argument (60%)
? Focused question that is answerable
? Quality answer provided as thesis in intro and demonstrated throughout entire paper
? Answer is based on close reading of quality primary and secondary sources, evinced through proper citation
? Meets all sources requirements
? Persuasive reasoning consistently applied

2. Analysis, Synthesis, Critical Thinking (20%):
? Cogent analysis demonstrating a command of interpretive and conceptual tasks.
? Interprets readings well
? Evaluates concepts well
? Synthesizes and connects ideas
? Respectful and charitable summary of views in sources

3. Composition, Grammar, Formatting (20%):
? Good flow & transitions
? Organization
? Developed paragraphs
? Complete sentences
? Grammar (punct. & syntax)
? Tense consistency
? Number consistency (sing. & plural)
? Active voice
? Good word choices
? Formatting
? Gender inclusive language
? ?you?

Appendix 2: Guidelines for Good Writing

1. Preparation. Good writing for this course begins with careful and thorough reading. If you summarize major ideas as you read, you will find it easier to create an

paragraph outline for your papers.

2. Paragraph as Organizational Unit. Paragraphs should be clear units, each paragraph making a major point and carrying your argument forward logically. The first

sentence of each paragraph should say what that paragraph is about, and each sentence in the paragraph should unpack the first sentence. That is, the first sentence

makes a claim and the other sentences demonstrate that claim with evidence. An outline is a handy tool for ensuring the coherence of your organization.

3. Evidence. You should support every generalization or claim with specific evidence from primary and secondary sources.

4. Editing. All good writers rewrite many times. Proofread your essay and rewrite sentences with flaws in content, logic, or style. With spell check, there is no

longer any excuse for spelling errors. Reading your work aloud is a good way to catch errors of grammar.

5. Style. The key to effective formal writing is clarity. Some important rules to follow:
? Use active voice and avoid passive voice. The subject of your sentence should do the action. Instead of saying ?Poland was invaded by Germany? (passive voice) say ?

Germany invaded Poland? (active voice). Passive voice obscures. Active voice clarifies.
? Use gender inclusive language (e.g., human, person/people, their, humanity, humankind), not gender exclusive language (e.g., man, his, mankind).
? Do not use ?you? when talking about someone in general. It sounds like you are talking to me. Instead, use ?one.? For example, write, ?one can explain this? instead

of ?you can explain this.? Only use ?you? when you are actually addressing your reader.
? Do not use contractions; they are fine in conversation but you should avoid them in formal writing.
? Do not use slang or colloquialisms (e.g., ?ya?ll,? ?screwed up big time,? etc.)
? Avoid repetition and omit unnecessary words.


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