SCIence environmental

SCIence environmental

A Completed Excel spread sheet – instructions for downloading the spread sheet are attached
An essay that (Word document or pdf):
Examines your energy use habits. How often, when, where, and how much energy do you use?
Identify your high-energy consumption activities , which habits use the most energy?
Identify some energy consumption habits you can change to reduce your energy use.

Environmental Literacy and Inquiry Working Group at Lehigh University
Personal Energy Audit: The Spreadsheet
In this activity you will:
Examine your energy use habits.
Identify your high

energy consumption activities.
Identify some energy consumption habits you can change to reduce your energy use.
Let’s talk about watchin
g TV
! Most people like to watch 2 hours of their favorite TV shows each day.
Most American homes have 3 different TV sets turned on each night for two hours each. Why? Because
everyone in the household likes to watch different TV shows that are on at the
same time
Let’s analyze your energy use!
Step 1: Download the energy audit s
Open your Web browser.
Go to
Click on
Energy Audit
The file,
will appear on your computer desktop.

on th
e file to open it.
Your Energy Audit spreadsheet will look like this:
Excel v
Personal Energy Audit: Spreadsheet Student Handout
Numbers v
your file
From the top menu bar, select

> Save As
Rename your file using the following format:
For examp
le, if your name is Diana Prince, you woul
d save your file as Audit_DP
As you work on your audit, remember to re

save your file several times.
2: Enter data in the energy audit s
How much does it
($$) to watch TV
hours a day
very day of the year
in the
Hours used DAILY
column (see arrow #1 below).
in the
# of appliances being used
column (see arrow #2 below).
Look at the amount it costs
each year
to watch TV for 2 hours a day on your spreadsheet
(see arrow
#3 below

PERSONAL ENERGY AUDIT 1    Hours Used    Repeated Use    Typical Wattage     kW*h/year    BTU/Year    Out of pocket cost/day or week    Out of pocket cost/year
NOTES:    How many hours do you do following things?   If appliance is on all the time list 24 hours/day.    List number of appliances.    These values were found using a

variety of Web pages and appliance manuals.    for daily use =(kW*h) X  365   For weekly use =(kW*h) X  52 (or number of weeks used)    for daily use =BTU X 365   For

weekly use =BTU X 52 (or number of  weeks used if seasonal)    Cost =(kW*h) x average rate (average rate is $0.11 per kW*h)     Cost/year= Cost per day X 365 or Cost

per week X 52 (or number of  weeks used if seasonal)
Everyday Activities    Hours used DAILY    # of appliances being used    Typical Wattage     kW*h/year    BTU/Year    Out of pocket cost/day

(dollars)    Out of pocket cost/year (dollars)

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