Sex trafficking in the united State of America(Personal Argument )

Sex trafficking in the united State of America(Personal Argument )

Much of your social lives revolve around conversation, and also around arguing and making arguments. Making arguments involves making claims and supporting them with valid, recent, and credible outside evidence. For example, you might argue that becoming a vegetarian has many significant health and environmental benefits, and back up your thesis by producing evidence from the WVU Libraries databases or credible news sources. In this essay, you will make an argument about a subject that matters to you, an argument that is close to you as a person and that affects you as a student, as a citizen, as a human being; an argument in which you have a personal stake.
So, for this essay, I would like you to write a multi-angle, 4+ paged argument, where the audience consists of the members of this class (including me). You will have an introduction that defines the issue you choose to write about, one that sets forth a thesis (that uses an I to make an argument), and you will use sub headings to convey the points of your argument. You will also have a conclusion that restates the thesis and the main points you make in your paper. Your essay must have two outside sources (cited correctly in the paper using parenthetical citations and listed alphabetically on the Works Cited list), and one of these sources must be obtained from one of the WVU’s databases (Academic Search Complete/Ebscohost, CQ Researcher, Points of View Reference Center, etc).

Think about what evidence you need to provide to support your overall argument. What kinds of reasons, examples, details, statistics, are needed to convince your audience (me and the class) why your thesis is sound and logical? What logos and pathos do you need from your sources to include in your paper to make your argument successful?

For example, if you are interested in the health and environmental benefits of vegetarianism, you could divide your paper into a section describing the health benefits, a section focused on the environmental benefits, and a section outlining the overall ethical issues surrounding vegetarianism. Again, remember to think about the evidence that you use in terms of the rhetorical triangle: what logos should you use to convince your audience? How can you establish your ethos with the audience?*

Please avoid broad, generic topics with tired cliched arguments, such as: abortion, capital punishment, lowering the drinking age, steroids in sports, stem cell research, etc. Choose a topic that you have a vested interest in, that you genuinely care about; choose a topic that affects you as a person/student/citizen.

This particular essay requires at least 4 outside sources (one from a database; see above), that must each be cited at least once in the paper, and must be accompanied by an alphabetized Works Cited List. Remember that I will not grade your final for now copy of this essay, but will comment on and evaluate them based on the following:
*A clear thesis that uses an I to make a clear, logical, thoughtful argument on an important topic.
*Using headings to organize your paper
*Utilizing the rhetorical triangle (ethos, pathos, logos) to make a successful, convincing argument.
Utilizing 8 outside sources, 4 being from a WVU database and 4 being from a credible source, to make a rhetorically balanced argument (ie an argument that has a successful mix of logos, pathos, and ethos)
*Citing each of your sources correctly (according to MLA) in the paper parenthetically and listing alphabetically in a Works Cited list

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