Why is housing prices around colleges and universities higher?

Why is housing prices around colleges and universities higher?

Economic Term Paper & Topics Please read these directions carefully as students will be penalized for not following directions. PURPOSE AND GENERAL DIRECTIONS ECON-1019 has a required research paper as part of the evaluation process. The purpose is twofold — first, to demonstrate a student’s ability to synthesize the economic principles taught in the course and apply them to current real world situation and second, to fulfill key Employability Skills requirements found in the CIS, fundamentally, the ability to research, communicate and synthesize one’s thoughts. On the first purpose, students will discuss through the content of the paper, some of the relevant issues of economics that were learned in class and which are demonstrated in real-world situations. In so doing, students will be required to describe the events and to explicitly demonstrate how it is a relevant example. This will be graded in the “Connections” column of the rubric. The second purpose is for the student to demonstrate their ability to write at a level consistent with post-secondary education an academic argumentative paper. This part of the paper will generate the most marks for the assignment and will be graded on; Content (25%), Organization (20%) and Style (10%). The foundation of the rubric is the standard WRIT rubric with minor variations to fit the needs of this course. The essay will be assigned during Week 4, the topics of which the students will pick from a list of available topics or from an individual choice with professor’s approval. It is the intention, but not necessary, that students pick topics that are consistent with their area of study – for example, HR students would pick topics that are relevant to HR. The essay shall be between 1600-1800 words in length and is worth 25% toward the student’s final grade – 5% penalty for each 100 words either over or under the target length to a maximum of 25%. EVALUATION: Refer to the details of the Term Paper Rubric for evaluation of the paper and to the detailed comments of “Elements of a good paper” found below in this document. Students should consult with your instructor prior to beginning the paper should you have any questions on the grading format. Papers must be original work to this term – students cannot use previously written papers for this course or use any paper from any other course, whether current or past. Papers submitted IN WHOLE OR IN PART to any previous course, including ECON-1019, will not be accepted and will be deemed plagiarized if submitted as original work for this term. Plagiarism of other’s work, or using work other than what is assigned for this course in this term, will be considered an Academic Offence and will be given a zero for the work and will be dealt with according to the guidelines under the Academic Policies. If you are unsure of your rights and responsibilities, please refer to the Academic Policies found on the Fanshawe College website. There will be no opportunity for re-writes. SUBMISSION DUE DATE AND FORMATS The exact due date of the paper will be provided by your professor and it at 12 noon on Friday of Week 12, (unless that day is a holiday, then it is Thursday of Week 12). A penalty of 10% per 24hr period will be applied if either of the copies are not submitted on time, to a maximum of 30%. Papers submitted past three days will not be accepted.. Without both copies of the essay, the essay will not be graded. VERY IMPORTANT: Students will be required to submit TWO copies of their work ON TIME and at the correct location. One will be the FOL designated dropbox, which is solely used for detection of plagiarized or copied work. A hardcopy of the work shall also be submitted into the physical dropbox, located directly outside the door of the Business Faculty Boardroom (B2025). It will be emptied at any point beyond the due date, and it cannot be assumed to be on-time simply because it hasn’t been emptied. It must be in the physical dropbox AND the FOL dropbox by the due date/time. FORMAT The following format MUST be followed – any element not followed will be deducted one level per element on the “Instructions” column of the term paper rubric. • The e-version of the paper must be submitted in either .doc or .pdf formats. Other formats will be deemed “not submitted” as they may not necessarily be able to be opened by your prof on FOL • Title page with course name and section, student’s name, professor’s name • Paper must be stapled in the top left corner, without a report cover such as a plastic cover • The report must be printed in BLACK, on common photocopy quality white paper • Paper must be written in 12 pt, Times New Roman font, double spaced • Paragraphs either indented or double spaced in between paragraphs • Research must follow APA referencing style • Paper MUST be written in 3rd person format • Two versions of paper (FOL online e-copy AND hardcopy) must be included in order to be deemed submitted CITATIONS Students are to follow the proper APA format for citations and “Works Cited” or “Bibliography” listings. All “facts” such as numbers, percentages, lists, theories, etc. that are not your own MUST be properly cited. For ease of preparation, it is suggested that students write their paper using a version of MS-Word that provides “References” tabs that will automatically format and organize your citations as you write. If you are unsure how to use this tool, either YouTube (http://youtu.be/MKco-0ye3yg) or Google (http://blog.gcflearnfree.org/2013/11/14/how-to-create-abibliography-or-works-cited-page-in-microsoft-word/) directions. Your paper must have at least 15% and no more that 30% similarity when analyzed by Turnitin.com. The minimum of 15% ensures that the student has completed the primary objective of this assignment – that it be a research paper. Students are expected to include evidence of research in their paper, which should be between 15-30% of the total content. Papers above 40% will not be graded, this is because the student has essentially used the words of others to speak for themselves. Part of research and citation use is learning to find information that supports or refutes your arguments and, explaining in your own words, the relevance of why other’s views are relevant to your interpretations. ELEMENTS OF A GOOD PAPER: Examples of good papers are posted on FOL. Good papers are also written solely in the 3rd person format and do not include personal experiences or anecdotal evidence. Good papers also are void of colloquial or slang language. Good papers utilize a thesaurus to vary the use of common words (such as “huge”, “nowadays”, etc.) for a more interesting and convincing read. Good papers are proof read in advance – usually by a trusted individual of the writer. Good papers are not necessarily written quickly, but all are thoughtfully considered by the writer before they are written. Good papers are enjoyable to read and are richly rewarded. Content (25%): The content element of the rubric will be based upon the student’s ability to support their thesis through three or four strong arguments. The bulk of the score will be based upon the student’s ability to support their thesis, not necessarily that the support is air-tight and correct. Noting that this course in an introductory economics course, students may argue their points very well, but may be fundamentally incorrect. Arguing well will be worth most of the marks – it should be fundamentally correct, but not necessarily absolutely correct. Organization: (20%): This section shall follow the fundamentals of the WRIT rubric. The paper shall be organized properly, with the major supporting thesis being argued first, the least relevant being last. The paper must have an introductory paragraph, with a brief summary of what are the key argument points. Students are to number their argument points in the introductory paragraph. The body of the paper will detail the each of the arguments in order. Students must number and start each argument by clearly stating what the argument is in eithe

r the first sentence of the opening paragraph or as heading title. Each of the following paragraphs should have an introductory sentence, a concluding sentence and a body of sentences supporting the one point it is written about. The first sentence should be the foundation sentence that supports the key argument. The second sentence supports the first; the third supports the second, the forth supports the third, and so on. Finally, the concluding sentence should be a summary of the preceding sentences. Once the student argues all their points they must end their paper with a concluding paragraph, restating the paper’s thesis and recapping the key arguments and explaining what the student discovered through the paper. Style (10%): The style marks are completely subjective and are awarded for a clear argument that is enjoyable and easy to read. It is based on fluidity and flow of the work – do the transitions work, are they logical. Mechanics: (10%): Mechanics is specifically about writing within the realm of proper grammar and spelling. Students should be very careful to use spellcheck, but also to have their paper proof read by a third party who can suggest changed to grammar or incorrect word usage (such as then v. than; which v. witch, etc., which would generally not be detected by standard grammar/spellcheck applications on MS-Word. Instructions (5%): Failure to follow any instructions on this instruction sheet will be penalized 1% per infractions on the term paper rubric. See above section “FORMAT” for list of expectations. Connections (15%): Any connections the student makes must be underlined for easy identification and demonstrated use. Connections are one of the key objective in this assignment. Students are to connect examples of the theory learned in class with real world examples. Every time a student makes this connection, they are to make a literal and obvious statement of the connection in order to get credit for it in this category. For example, it is not sufficient for a student to say demand increased – in order to get credit for a connection, literal or obvious statement must be made in a form such as “this demand increased because of a 45% increase in numbers of buyers” or “demand increased because of an expectation of a price rise that was to be imposed in the new year”. These statements demonstrate to the instructor that you have made the connection between theory and a real world example. Research elements (15%): Students should read the rubric to understand exactly how the marks will be awarded in these categories. They are completely objective and based on counting correct elements of correct usage. All figures unless estimated opinions of the student MUST be cited. For each fact/figure not cited, a penalty of one level on the rubric will be applied. By signing this document, I understand the requirements of the paper and that are if I am unsure of any element of the requirements, I will contact the professor for a clarification before handing in the final paper for grading. This acknowledgement is to be attached and included with your hard copy submission. Students who do not hand in a signed document will be deemed to have read and understood the requirements nevertheless. Name: ____________________________________________ Date: _____________________________ Checklist Prior to Submitting Paper ? Paper is between 1600 and 1800 words (not including title page or bibliography) ? Paper is written in 3rd person format ? Paper has a “Turnitin” index analysis between 15-30% ? Paper is printed on plain white photo-copy quality paper – no special paper ? Title page with student’s name, professor’s name, course section and paper’ title – no graphics ? Paper is stapled in top left hand corner with NO report covers or binders ? Introductory paragraph includes thesis question, numbering of the three or four included arguments and short concluding sentence on findings. ? Two versions submitted: one into the FOL dropbox and the other into the physical dropbox outside B2025 ? Proper APA referencing style used ? All numbered facts and figures used properly cited ? All “Connections” of course theory and practical applications underlined ? Paper written in 12 pt Times New Roman font ? Double-spaced with either extra line or indentation used between paragraphs ? Bibliography or Works Cited page attached as an appendix to the paper ? You signed this instruction sheet ? You attached this instruction sheet to your paper

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